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QuickPHOTO - Imaging Software for Microscopy

QuickPHOTO represents a suite of programs and modules for digital photomicrography, image processing and measurements.
QuickPHOTO programs are intended for use in all microscopic fields.

PROMICAM USB 3.0 Digital Camera

PROMICAM USB 3.0 Digital Cameras for Microscopy and Macro Application

PROMICAM USB 3.0 digital cameras provide excellent image quality, color reproduction and high live view frame rates. PROMICAM USB 3.0 cameras are fully supported by QuickPHOTO imaging software.
There are currently two models available:

PROMICAM 3-12C - 12 Mpx Color CMOS Camera with up to 4K Live View Resolution

PROMICAM 3-3C - 2.8 Mpx Color CCD Camera

SUNFLOWER Illuminator

SUNFLOWER - Universal Multi-Segment LED Illuminator for Stereomicroscopes

SUNFLOWER illuminator represents a universal illumination solution for stereomicroscopic applications. The illuminator provides homogeneous diffuse illumination without shades, which also minimizes production of unwanted reflections.

High Intensity LED Illuminator for Optical Microscopes

PRO-LM-LED is high intensity LED illuminator which can be mounted to microscopes instead of a halogen lamphouse. The illuminator produces more light than a standard 100W halogen lamp.

Adapters for mounting of Canon® EOS DSLR cameras to optical microscopes

Adapters for Mounting of Canon® EOS DSLR Cameras to Optical Microscopes

As an accessory to our QuickPHOTO imaging software we offer adapters for mounting of Canon® EOS DSLR cameras to various brands of optical microscopes

PathScan Enabler IV

PathScan Enabler IV Histology Slide Scanner

The PathScan Enabler IV is designed to allow scanning of an entire whole mounted histology sample attached to standard 1 x 3 inch cover slipped glass slide. The PathScan Enabler IV solves low power, large field of view, high resolution imaging problems.


3D Digital Microscope PRO-3D 2.0

PRO-3D 2.0 is an additional kit that extends stereomicroscopes by functions for true 3D imaging on 3D LCD monitors and TVs and acquisition of 3D and 2D digital images.

Motorized stand PRO-MLS

Universal Heavy-Duty Motorized Stand

PRO-MLS is universal heavy-duty motorized stand suitable for wide range of microscopic as well as macroscopic applications.
Wide range of optical devices (stereomicroscopes, macro cameras...) and accessories (stages, LED Illuminators...) can be mounted to the stand using special adapters.

Motorizations PRO-SZM1

Additional Focus Motorization for Stereomicroscopes

PRO-SZM1 is additional module for focus motorization of stereomicroscopes
Manual focusing option is maintained. Focus range is protected by limit switches.

Fluorescence LED Light Sources for Optical Microscopes

PRO-LM-LED-FLUO are modern sources of excitation illumination, which offer significant advantages compared to standard lamps.

CB-ZM Module

Control Unit for Focus Motorization of Optical Microscopes

The CB-ZM control unit can be used for focus motorization of almost all types of optical microscopes and stereomicroscopes.

True 3D Viewer

True 3D Viewer

A system that creates a spatial model from images captured by laser confocal microscope, heightmaps or images from electrophoresis. The model can be displayed really in 3D on a special 3D LCD monitor.


QuickPHOTO 3.1 Programs Available!

There have been released new QuickPHOTO programs in version 3.1. New versions feature several new features and many improvements. The free 30-day trial versions are available for downloading. Updates are for users of QuickPHOTO 3.0 programs free of charge. For users of previous version are the upgrades available for advantageous prices. You can find more information here.

SUNFLOWER illuminator is now PC controllable

SUNFLOWER illuminator can now be controlled by a computer. The SDK is available.

NEW Version of PRO-3D 2.0 Digital Microscope Available

New version of PRO-3D digital microscope is now compatilbe with LG Cinema 3D monitors and TVs. You can find more information here.

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