Release Notes

Dongle Drivers v7.100

23 August 2019

  • Improved compatibility with 32bit versions of operating systems.

Dongle Drivers v7.80

9 May 2018

  • Fixed an error that the dongle would stop working after the Run-time Environment was upgraded to v7.54.
  • Disabled driver installation and discontinued support of Windows XP and Vista. On these operating systems, install an older driver.

Dongle Drivers v7.66

10 Apr 2018

  • Improved compatibility with Windows® 10 – Version 1703 and 1709
  • Officially supports only Windows® 7/8.1/10 (32/64bit) operating systems. Older operating system versions are likely to be fully compatible as well, but are not guaranteed.

Dongle Drivers v7.54

22 May 2017

  • Improved compatibility with Windows® 10 – Version 1607

Dongle Drivers v7.41

1 Jul 2016

  • Supports Windows® XP/Vista®/7/8.1/10 (32/64bit) operating systems