Release Notes

PROMICAM USB 3.0 build 203-IV

20 Dec 2018

  • Fix for PROMICAM 3-5CP+ camera to evaluate automatic exposure from proper region when the live view is mirrored or rotated by 180°
  • Adjusted several default values for PROMICAM 3-5CP+ camera

PROMICAM USB 3.0 build 203-III

13 Apr 2018

  • Added support of PROMICAM 3-5CP+ and 3-4C cameras
  • Added localization to Traditional Chinese
  • Released as part of QuickPHOTO 3.2 build 1887 programs

PROMICAM USB 3.0 build 203-II

30 May 2017

  • Added support of PROMICAM 3-12CS camera
  • Released as part of QuickPHOTO 3.1 build 1770-II programs

PROMICAM USB 3.0 build 203

24 Jan 2017

  • Support of Image Stitching module
  • Faster automatic exposure time recovery when switching lenses
  • Selected shading correction mask is saved into user profiles
  • The control panel can now be installed to QuickPHOTO CAMERA 3.0, QuickPHOTO MICRO 3.0 and QuickPHOTO INDUSTRIAL 3.0 programs

PROMICAM USB 3.0 build 169

14 Jan 2016

  • Added support of PROMICAM 3-3CC (formerly 3-3C), 3-3CP, 3-5CC and 3-5CP cameras
  • Support of automated creating of high dynamic range images using HDR module

PROMICAM USB 3.0 build 137

25 May 2015

  • Supports PROMICAM 3-3C and 3-12C cameras
  • New control for manual exposure time adjustment
  • New automatic exposure mode for fluorescence imaging: SFL – Auto
  • Supports RECORD IT module demo version
  • Supports saving of settings to Profiles
  • Improved Shading Correction feature – masks sorting and renaming
  • New Camera Information window