Frequently Asked Questions

QuickPHOTO Software Suite

Can we try QuickPHOTO programs and extension modules before purchasing, how is the program licensed?

Which imaging devices are supported by QuickPHOTO programs?

How can we get the latest version of QuickPHOTO program?

How to find out if QuickPHOTO will work on a new computer or with another operating system?

What to do when the QuickPHOTO program cannot connect the camera?

Canon® EOS DSLR Cameras

Which position of mode dial should be set to control the camera from a computer?

How to avoid display of an unwanted window when a Canon® EOS DSLR camera is turned on or connected to the computer?

The DSLR camera cannot be connected within QuickPHOTO program and it is not listed in the Device manager?

The live view has a low frame rate.

The message “The battery is empty. Replace the battery or connect the AC adapter.” is displayed.

Acquired images are dark at one side.

How to change Auto Power Off setting?

Error message “Access Violation at address...” is displayed.

OLYMPUS® Consumer and DSLR Cameras

The consumer/DSLR camera cannot be connected from QuickPHOTO program.

How to switch the OLYMPUS® consumer/DSLR camera to Computer Control or Mass Storage mode?

Which OLYMPUS® consumer/DSLR cameras can be controlled in standard accounts and how to do that?

The live view is not displayed correctly or a message “No video device is selected. Live view won't be available.” appears.

Error message due to file appears.

ARTRAY ARTCAM Digital Cameras

The live view is not displayed correctly or the camera drivers cannot be installed.

A camera disconnecting occurs when the camera control panel is opened.

IDS uEye® Digital Cameras

The camera cannot be connected within QuickPHOTO program or “Access violation at address...” error message pops up.

PROMICAM LITE Digital Cameras

Some control elements (radio buttons) in the control panel are not displayed properly in Windows XP.

Analog Video Sources

The live view is not displayed.

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