PRO-LM-LED-FLUO LED Light Sources for Fluorescence

PRO-LM-LED FLUO microscope illuminator LEDs

Modern sources of excitation illumination offer significant advantages compared to standard fluorescence lamps. Compatible with OLYMPUS® BX/CX/CKX series microscopes.


PR-LC22 control unit

PR-LC30 control unit

  • Lifetime over 20 000 hours
  • Low power consumption and low heat generation
  • Smooth intensity adjustment
  • Constant brightness – no flickering and no interference with the camera’s image frequency
  • Powered by manual PR-LC30 or PC controllable PR-LC22 control units
  • Option of PC control via USB interface – supported by QuickPHOTO software
  • Environmentally friendly solution – free from halogen and mercury
  • CE certified and RoHS compliant

Available Models

Blue 465 nm (FITC)
Green 525 nm (TRITC)
UV 400 nm (DAPI)
UV 365 nm

Spectral Characteristics

UV 365 nm

Compatible Microscopes

PRO-LM-LED-FLUO light source with PRO-LM-LEDAD adapter

OLYMPUS® Microscopes

  • OLYMPUS® BX / CX / CKX series using PRO-LM-LEDAD optical adapter

Dimensions (in mm)

PROMICRA LED illuminator dimensions

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